About Us

‘KAIRAN’ is a home furnishing brand that creates impeccable designs for every unique home with a blend of traditional values and modern touch.

'KAIRAN’ creates every piece so unique and bespoke that it becomes a piece especially for your home.

KAIRAN transverse beyond the usual and conventional way of decorating home.

We aim to enhance your living space by providing a range of exquisite designs in vibrant colors. It is a one stop solution to everything creative.

The brand has taken the conventional way to an entirely new level where ethnic and contemporary ideology are synced and stitched together.

The brand believes in exclusive bespoke creation to delve deep into each client's wants and wishes.

We understand that every house has a unique and distinct ambience and we at ‘KAIRAN’ try to reach out to different settings with our exquisite range of surfaced and embroidered pieces to try and make a setting of a household truly unique.

Our products are made with fabulous fabrics and perfect stitch quality.